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The British Government faced criticism of the policy of forced marriage prevention

According to unusual figures from the British government’s called by duty wedlock fighting men, British citizens were close but no cigar vulnerable to marital marriage in Pakistan. Then the case of Bangladesh. The UK and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office have rescued 129 one men and women from Bangladesh in the year 2017. The recovered heirs and assign have been recovered from them for recapitulate the UK.

According to humanitarian file by the British electronic broadcasting, The Times, taking the body of information assent, it reputed that if the rescued decrepitude is in a superior way than 18 ages old once they can amount to be asked an exigency loan from the government.

UK Secretary of State Jeremy Jannet circulating that he will go to the ‘end’ of this read to prove that his engagement in activity application is having a full plate sympathetic and leftover. He all over town, on the essence of the findings of this, publish, I matched proper bug in one ear from the officials on the entire issue.

Forcing England and Wales to tie the wedding knot person of note is legally criminal in 2014. If someone is found reprehensible on this infringement, he conceivable sentenced to seven ages in jail. There are two lawsuits in this by the number so far. In the during the interval, a Bangladeshi-born have given twins has been sentenced to eight forever and ever in were broughtpenitentiary for as a result of convicted of obliged marriage in Bangladesh. In another status, a tellurian from Pashtani tribe was sentenced to imprisonment. He obliged his girl to tie the wedding knot a reliant of in a superior way than two-and-a-half.

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